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Wireless Motion Sensor Lights is the best motion detector and a timer for the area of darkness. It can be illuminated when any moment is detected within the range of the sensor. This outdoor security light not only offers supplemental lightning for when you are outside but it can also act as a restriction for burglars and vandals. wireless led motion sensor light offers a typical inexpensive security solution that is very simple enough for every home owner to install themselves. Home owners can also increase sensitivity so that the trigger will illuminate light with a small moment. Motion Sensor Light Outdoor has sudden illumination technology for the darkness area that draws attention, potentially scaring for thieves.

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Motion Sensor Light Outdoor detects motion from 180 degree around it and 360 degree below it. Its mean if any burglar willing sneak under area blocked by the sensor, the light will immediately activate and start flashes for 30 seconds to seek attraction of your neighbors and then remain still. This light is shut off completely during the day time, avoiding unnecessary power consumption. When sensors are triggered they give you up to 1,000 watts of light. The range of Motion Sensor Light Outdoor refers 2 different functions for your security light. The range illumination, that is about how far your security light actually casts the light into the darkness. The other one is about the motion sensor range that is about how far a motion sensor will detect the movement in the darkness.

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As tested the sensor motion gives the range of approximately 40 feet. Outdoor motion sensor light emits infrared rays from the LED, using the reflection of the rays, wireless security lights motion sensor the sensor measures the distance to the person or objects and detects if the object is within the defined area. Motion Sensor Light Outdoor can save your money, reduces the energy consumption that makes you home more convenient.